Machine Division

PEDAX with a combined history of more than 100 years have manufactured and supplied Rebar and Coil processing machines and plants from its factory in Germany, to many customers all over the world including Middle East and India.

PEDAX offers a complete range of machines and plants for the processing of reinforcing steel.

Protools offers a wide range of Sales, Service and Spare parts for Pedaxin the Middle East and India.

Product Line


  1. • Stirrup benders with servo drive
  2. • Double benders with servo drive
  3. • Stirrup bender with hydraulic drive
  4. • Roller straightening machines


  1. • Bending machines
    - Perfekt CC - Rebar bending machine
    - Special S - Rebar bending machine
    - Rotax - radii and spiral bending machine
  2. • Rebar shearing machines
  3. • Shearing lines
  4. • Automatic bending and double bending lines


  1. • Bending machines
    - Mafix MBM - bending machine for concrete reinforcing steel meshes
  2. • Shearing machines
    - Mafix KS - Cutting machine with nibbler
    - Mafix MS - Cutting machine with guillotine shear
  3. • Transport machines – Accessories
    - Mafix A-Z


  1. • Welding machines for pile cages
  2. • Machines for welded rollmats
  3. • Machines for non-welded rollmats


  • Cador 50- Stationary shearing systems

  • Positive & Negative Bending Heart

  • Single Shear – Simplex H(Horizontal Cutting)

  • Twinmaster 16 X+ Stirrup Machine – upto 16mm

  • Pile cage Machine – Pilemaster III Cage Diameter of Max. 3000 mm)

  • Welding head robot with Double torch

  • Single Bender – Special S Bend upto 50mm (Manual control)

  • Rotax – Spiral Bending Make Spiral upto Ø32mm & Ø40mm

  • Single Bender – Perfekt CC Bend upto 50mm (Siemens Automatic Control)

  • Single Shear – Simplex HV(Vertical Cutting)

  • Fully automatic straightening units

  • Single Shear – Simplex 35E(working height 850mm)

Schlatter is one of the world leaders in plant engineering – specializing in the resistance welding technology, Mesh welding equipment and in weaving machines for specialized purposes. With almost 100 years of experience in this field. Their production facilities are located in Zurich, Switzerland & Munich, Germany. Schlatter produces world class Products for Industrial mesh welders, Reinforcing mesh welders, Wire straighteners and cutters, refrigerator condenser welders and Wire Butt welders.

Protools offers a wide range of Sales, Service and Spare parts for Schlatterin the Middle East Market.

Product Line

  1. • Welding Plants Reinforcing Mesh
  2. • Welding Plants Industrial Mesh
  3. • Wire straightening and cutting-to-length machines
  4. • Mesh Studio
  5. • Buttwelding Machines
  6. • Radiator Welding Systems


The Specialist for Wire and Tube Machinery

WAFIOSis a globally leading company for the manufacture of wire and tube working machines and with significant activities in the cold forming industry (especially manufacture of headers).

They are one of the acknowledged pioneers when it comes to industrial wire processing and WAFIOS has always been a significant contributor of new developments in the field.

Protools offers a wide range of Sales, Service and Spare parts for Wafiosin the Middle East Market.

Product Line

  1. • Wire Bending Machines
  2. • Tube Bending Machines
  3. • Spring Coiling Machines
  4. • Chain Manufacturing Machines
  5. • Wire Fencing Machines
  6. • Wire Nail Machines
  7. • Machines for Formed Parts
  8. • Straightening, Cutting-Off and Endworking Machines
  9. • Flexible Metal Hose Profiling and Coiling Machines


  • Wire Bending Machine

  • CNC Tube Bending Machine

  • Spring Coiling Machine

  • Coiling & Bending Centers

  • Machine for formatted parts

  • Flexible Metal Hose Profiling & coiling Machines

  • Chain Manufacturing Machines

  • Wire Fencing Machine

  • Wire Nail Machines

  • Straightening, Cutting-off & End working Machine

Ernst Koch GmbH & Co. KG

KOCH was founded in Germany in 1921 by the mechanical fitter Ernst Koch. From the small workshop in the year 1921 to one of the leading manufacturers of wire machinery in the 21st century.

KOCH has been writing success stories for over eight decades. With top technology, with innovations for the wire industry across the entire world. About 80 percent of KOCH drawing machines are exported to more than 60 countries.

The KOCH team works towards optimizations for the future. Under excellent conditions: with CAM controlled processes, modern production facilities and as a part of a healthy corporate organization

Protools offers a wide range of Sales, Service and Spare parts for KOCHin the Middle East and Indian Market.

Product Line

  1. • Single Block Systems
  2. • Multiple Drawing Systems
  3. • Cold Drawing & Stretching Lines machines





  • Vertical Drawing Unit - KEW

  • Vertical Double Spooler - KSS

  • Horizontal Spooler – KHS 1250

  • compact rolling system – WK-TS

  • Dry Coating unit – BSG/TF

  • Horizontal Drawing Unit – KHB

  • Overhead Pay-off

  • Reverse Bending Descaling Unit- WEZ-3Z

  • Stress Relieving Device, DEG-S7

  • Vertical Spooler - KVS

CORO carbide rolls define a new standard in wire reduction. CORO Solutions is one of the leading players in providing wire reductions carbide rolls located in Netherlands. On top of the refined roll surface, the CORO carbide rolls impress by their long roll working life.

Protools offers a wide range of Sales, Service and Spare parts for CORO the Middle East and Indian Market.


  1. • Oval Reducing Rolls
  2. • Round Reducing Rolls
  3. • Sizing Rolls
  4. • Forming Rolls
  5. • Profiling Rolls


VOLLERT Founded 1925 engineering specialist Vollert is an internationally acknowledged expert in precast concrete production and leading partner for building materials manufacturers, building companies and building contractors.

Vollert engineers advise customers on the latest precast construction technology in the area of residential and industrial building, and develop turnkey plant solutions. From straightforward start-up concepts through to highly automated multifunctional systems.

Broad engineering expertise with regards to current technologies for plane and structural precast concrete parts and the most cost-effective production processes make Vollert your first class partner in all precast projects.

Protools along with Vollert keep you at the forefront of your market. This is what we call Precast Success.


NUSPL Battery moulds and high performance tilting tables from precast specialist Nuspl for the stationary production of solid, sandwich and façade elements have proven themselves in the market over many years.

Solutions for the production of structural concrete elements such as column and beam moulds, as well as stair moulds and special moulds, for lift and light shafts for instance, complete the wide range of products and services that are offered.

Protools along with Nuspl keep you at the forefront of your market. This is what we call Precast Success.


GMT [German Machine Trade] German Machine Trade was established in 2010 with the aim of serving the Rebar and the wire industry with high quality second hand machines for processing of reinforcing steel bars and coils as well as industrial and reinforcing Mesh.

Through 30+ years’ experience in the steel industry and our contacts world-wide, we Protools along with GMT help you in search of high quality used machinery.

Our Strengths are:

  1. • Supply, Delivery and Installation of second hand machines.
  2. • Refurbishment of machines with top Quality service.
  3. • Service & Spare parts when required by Customers.
  4. • Consultancy & Advisory role for clients starting up a production.


  • PROTOOLS believes in prompt and reliable after sales services to more than 100+ customers servicing almost 500 plus machines on a continuous basis.

  • Spare Parts stock and supply.
  • Installation and commissioning of Plant & Machines
  • After Sales Service – Troubleshooting.
  • Reconditioning of old Machines.

  • 8000 Sq. Ft. Workshop in Ajman, UAE

  • After Sales & Service Team